Welcome to suzalingua – Oslo’s smallest language school.

Do you want to learn Norwegian in small classes with a positive and supportive atmosphere? Look no further! At suzalingua you can start your journey towards mastering the Norwegian language in a friendly and constructive environment.

suzalingua is the home of the original “bring your baby” courses – Norwegian courses specifically designed for mothers and fathers who want to bring their baby to class.

suzalingua is officially approved by Kompetanse Norge (previously Vox) as a provider of Norwegian courses for foreigners and immigrants.

Winter term

In the winter term 2021, suzalingua will be opening up for face-to-face classes again. At the same time we continue to offer virtual courses to meet our students’ varying needs and requirements.

Our number one priority is the health and well-being of our students, so we will take all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

Find the right Norwegian class for you here!


  • Gwenaël Gouérou

    I went to the Intermediate level class. Suzanne takes the time to explain the important parts in a way that stick. I may have read the rule several times before.. and somehow forgot about it, but once she explains it with her special set of examples, it's never forgotten anymore

  • Edd Smith

    Suzalingua is the best language course I've taken. In the past, I have struggled to learn languages in group classes as there isn't much time for questions, but since starting with Suzanne in 1 to 1 classes I feel like I really understand everything I am being taught. I like to know all the reasoning and logic as to why things are a certain way and with Suzanne's background in linguistics, she can easily answer all my questions. I frequently come away learning something new about my native language too! Highly recommended.

  • Nikol Mard

    I enjoy learning Norwegian at Suzalingua, be it a regular course or a book club. I love the flexibility during lessons that allow me to ask questions and get things explained as we encounter them. Some courses are even baby friendly which makes a huge difference for a stay at home mother like myself!

  • Alex Merckx

    I have really loved learning Norwegian with Suzanne with her Practical Norwegian Beginners' Course. She creates a really warm, friendly environment and explains things really clearly. It was great to also be able to bring my baby with me! Thanks a lot Suzanne!

  • Annalisa Danile

    I am thoroughly enjoying our lessons (advanced group) and the happy easy atmosphere that Suzanne creates in our classes, I am filling in on all the grammar gaps I have developed through the years and it is like a ´aha´ moment every time, such joy! Highly recommended 😀