Really fantastic school! Suzanne is a studied linguist, and she excels at explaining the structure and logic behind Norwegian in a way that makes learning it faster and more intuitive. The small classes and cozy atmosphere remove any fear of asking questions or practice speaking, and Suzanne is both adept at hybrid teaching and understanding of professional schedules so the course is flexible and workable for busy professionals.

– Carrie Ann Mantha


Great place to prepare your Norsk Prøve ! I took the class in the beginning of the year to take the test in May, and it was spot on. All the important things one should remember for the test was there.

Suzanne is very nice, she takes the time to explain, she adapts her schedule to make things work. A true passionate about languages !

– Bianca Giorsetti


Suzalingua has been a great experience and huge help in my efforts to learn Norwegian. I’m not a natural linguist, but Suzanne explains grammar, sentence structure and common everyday language use clearly with lots of practical examples. She is really focused on giving you a sound base in grammar but manages to keep the classes enjoyable and interesting, and you often get an insight into the peculiarities of Norwegian life thrown in. Whatever level of Norwegian you are looking to progress to Suzanne will be able to get you there.

– Olivia Boulton


I have really loved learning Norwegian with Suzanne with her Practical Norwegian Beginners’ Course. She creates a really warm, friendly environment and explains things really clearly. It was great to also be able to bring my baby with me! Thanks a lot Suzanne!

– Alex Merckx


I am thoroughly enjoying our lessons (advanced group) and the happy easy atmosphere that Suzanne creates in our classes, I am filling in on all the grammar gaps I have developed through the years and it is like an “aha” moment every time, such joy! Highly recommended 🙂

– Annalisa Danile


Suzalingua is the best language course I’ve taken. In the past, I have struggled to learn languages in group classes as there isn’t much time for questions, but since starting with Suzanne in 1 to 1 classes I feel like I really understand everything I am being taught. I like to know all the reasoning and logic as to why things are a certain way and with Suzanne’s background in linguistics, she can easily answer all my questions. I frequently come away learning something new about my native language too! Highly recommended.

– Edd Smith


I can never say enough good things about Suzanne and Suzalingua. She creates such a safe, warm and welcoming environment that is perfect for learning. She understands and supports that we are learning alongside careers, raising families and navigating a new country and always is generous with her time and knowledge. And to top it all off, she does all of this while serving some of the best coffee in Oslo.

– Bridget Price O’Connell


I really love learning Norwegian with Suzanne. The lessons are always fun and we have a good few laughs pretty much every time. I am on my 3rd course (I book 10 lessons in a course). She is very patient with me and explains things clearly. I like that she can relate certain rules to English or German ones which for me makes it easier to pick up. Suzanne is also very kind to fit my individual lessons around my busy full time job. Thumbs up!

– Susanne Rentsch-Smith


Highly recommend Suzalingua! I have been studying with Suzanne at her small, central school and have found her courses to be fun, engaging and a genuinely enjoyable way to learn Norwegian. I initially went with her school for the small class sizes and am so glad that I did – you get the focus and attention that you need in a relaxed and friendly environment. I am looking forward to further classes with her!

– J Holroyd


I really recommend the bring your baby Norwegian classes. I needed a way to learn Norwegian while in maternity leave and these classes have been just perfect. It is a really warm, friendly atmosphere and Suzanne explains things really clearly.

– Anastasia Renzi


suzalingua was a great find when I was looking for beginners Norwegian lessons to fit in around childcare. Suzanne’s lessons were flexible and tailored, with plenty of chance to ask questions. Highly recommend!

– Sarah Baker


I am so glad, that I finally found a norwegian class where I can bring my baby. It’s a friendly atmosphare and a perfect opportunity to do both – practise norwegian and meet other moms with their babies. I can absolutely recommend the “Bring your baby” courses! I will definitely go for the next one 

– Sabrina Wegener


suzalingua has a great variety of courses and workshops from Norwegian lessons full of grammar, to conversation class where we build vocabulary and fluency. Suzanne also offers various themed workshops always sharing her experience on maternity leave/barnehagen/norwegian system.
I think that is her differential, she adds her experience as a foreigner to her knowledge.
And we can always count with a relaxed atmosphere.

– Juliana M F Rodrigues